BITE ME toy omelet

BITE ME toy omelet


Looking for an extremely cute and small gift?


Bite Me ‘Oh my Omelet - Delicious nose work toy

There is brown sauce on a plate of omelet. Brown sauce makes crisp sound.


Inside the omelet, there is a 2 meters long string. Your pet will love pulling them out. You can put snack inside the toy, as well.


The attached Velcro is made of soft material that minimizes skin irritation. Toys are made of soft cloth. If you hide snacks in the omelet, your dog can play the game of finding snacks using his nose.


  • Size: 20 x 14cm

  • Material: polyester, cotton




Bite Me is a Korean pet lifestyle brand.
The showroom is located on Garosu-gil, Sinsa-dong, Seoul, and offers reasonable prices, pretty designs, and high quality products.                                                                  
- Depending on the properties of the fabric and how it is measured, an error of 1- 2cm may occur. 
- Due to material and filler characteristics, the squeaky may sound weak or different. 
- Packed paper is not a toy. Please remove the wrapping paper. 
- If the product is badly bitten and damaged, take away the accessories to prevent the pet from swallowing the contents. 
- Avoid from fire 
- Plastic parts (squeaky) are included, which may degrade the sound function, but this is not a reason for replacement. 
-Cold water recommended.