FRAME BY classic 2 phone case with slide card holder (7 colors)

FRAME BY classic 2 phone case with slide card holder (7 colors)


Wasn't it inconvenient to take your card out every time you used? Here is a phone case that doesn't get thick even if you insert a card. 


Grippy sides
Real real protective
Wireless charging compatible



FRAME BY Classic 2 - Even more lighter and thinner than FRAME BY Classic 1 model.


The texture is different by color.

  • Baby Blue - Glossy coating : The surface is glossy and glossy. It's not slippery and has a good grip.

  • White, Yellow, Orange, Red - Urethane coating : Mixed material of matte and glossy in a ratio of 8:2. It represents a smooth surface that is resistant to discoloration or contamination.

  • Black, Blue - Soft coating : Texture is matte and smooth. Compared to Urethane coating, it is less slippery.



  • Please attach the protective film according to the enclosed film attachment guide. Failure to attach film may result in damage to your phone and card and may result in poor sliding of the card.

  • If you use the wireless charger for a long time with your card loaded, it may be difficult to use your credit card due to magnetic damage.


*Gold frame $2 more extra charged.


<About FRAME BY>

FRAME BY is a Korean company that creates a new frame that can capture designs beyond just beautiful designs.