LUYCHO cup & panda dalmatian

LUYCHO cup & panda dalmatian

$61٫20 سعر عادي
$55٫08سعر البيع
  • This product consists of a mirror cup that is made of linear mirrors with 24 sides and a saucer. Just place the cup on the saucer, the 24 sides of the mirrors on the cup reflect broken patterns on the saucer, and hidden images in the pattern will repeatedly appear and disappear when rotating the cup on the saucer.


  • Luycho's products aim to raise awareness about endangered or vulnerable animals. The mirrored cup transforms distorted drawing on the saucer into the vibrant image of the animals.


  • It is wrapped in a thin metal material, porcelain cups also have excellent insulation. It is not easily peeled off when compared to exsisting plating products.


  • As ceramics are made with high-temperature soil(higher than 1230°C) and unlike plastic or glass, the surface of the product could be partially uneven like stain of glaze, pin hole, tiny scratch and fine lump.


  • *Caution Porcelain Product* Please handle this item carefully. Keep out of the reach of small children. Not for use in dishwasher or microwave. The use of a rough brush when washing can damage the surface of the product. (Wash it with a soft cloth if possible.) Water stain does not remain when water is completely removed after washing. We do not take responsibility for damage caused as a result of customer carelessness.