LUYCHO espresso cup & the great wave off kanagawa

LUYCHO espresso cup & the great wave off kanagawa

$53٫50 سعر عادي
$48٫15سعر البيع
  • This series is the ‘homage’. Luycho selected revered artists and symbols from internationally renowned paintings and symbolic objects, and worked on selecting images that are particularly appropriate for Luycho’s product structure. This more than a mere ‘representation’ of famous images. Images have been naturally patterned to match the saucers and new colors have been added as necessary. Place the mirror cup on the plate and rotate the entire thing, and the image inside looks more dynamic as it blends with the reflection.  


  • Coating materials which reflect Luycho mirror cups are mainly used for implants, spoon and forks. It is a very thin metal material and it won’t peel off easily. We have been developing this ceramic coating material for a long time with our partners and have succeeded in optimizing it so that it is not easily peeled off when compared to existing plating products. In addition, because it is wrapped in a thin metal material, porcelain cups also have excellent insulation compared to normal porcelain cups. The mirror cup has completed the lead and cadmium non-detection test of Korea Ceramic Technology Institute (KICET).




*Notification & Caution

As ceramics are made with high-temperature soil(higher than 1230°C) and unlike plastic or glass, the surface of the product could be partially uneven like stain of glaze, pin hole and fine lump.

  • We do not take responsibility for damage caused as a result of customer carelessness.
  • Keep our of the reach of small children.
  • Not for use in dishwasher or microwave.
  • Cleaning with a rough brush can damage the surface.
  • Water stain does not remain when water is completely removed after washing.



Contents: 1 Espresso Cup, 1Saucer
Dimention: Cup: D64 x H54 (mm) / Saucer: D130 x H23 (mm)
Volume: 80ml
Material: Porcelain
Made in Korea